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Why Do We Need to Check RC Details Online?

  • When you're thinking about buying a car or bike, it's super important to check out its registration details. You See, there's this thing called a Registration Certificate (RC), and it's like the vehicle's ID card. It's got all the important stuff like when it was registered, what model it is, and even its engine and chassis numbers.
  • Checking these details online gives you a clear picture of the vehicle's background. It's all about making sure everything's legit and transparent when you're buying or owning a vehicle.

Verify Ownership

  • Prevent Fraud

    Checking RC details online helps verify the ownership of the vehicle. It ensures that the person selling the vehicle is the legitimate owner and prevents scheming transactions.
  • Avoid Legal Issues

    Checking RC details online ensures that the person selling the vehicle is the rightful owner, helping buyers avoid any legal issues that might arise from purchasing a vehicle with inaccurate or fake documents.
  • Enhance Transparency

    Online verification of RC details enables transparency in vehicle transactions, encouraging trust between buyers and sellers and providing assurance regarding the authenticity of the ownership transfer process.

Vehicle History

  • Accident History

    Checking RC details online can give you important information about the vehicle's accident history, helping you make better decisions before buying.
  • Service Records

    Some RCs have service records, showing the vehicle's maintenance history. This helps buyers understand the overall condition and likely maintenance costs.
  • Theft Verification

    Checking RC details online can verify if the vehicle has been reported stolen. This is important for buyers to avoid unknowingly purchasing a stolen vehicle.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Roadworthiness

    Verifying that the vehicle's RC is valid and current is crucial for meeting regulatory standards. Online RC checks assist in confirming the vehicle's roadworthiness and adherence to legal mandates.
  • Insurance Status

    Online RC checks can also tell you if the vehicle is insured. This ensures both the buyer and seller are protected in case of accidents.
  • Emission Compliance

    Online RC checks may include information about the vehicle's emission status. Ensuring compliance with emission standards required by regulatory authorities helps reduce environmental impact.

Transfer Ownership

  • Smooth Transfer Process

    Checking RC details online simplifies the vehicle ownership transfer process by ensuring all required documents are in order. This reduces delays and complications.
  • Legal Requirements

    Verifying RC details is crucial during ownership transfer to ensure legal compliance and prevent potential disputes.
  • Outstanding Dues

    Online RC checks may reveal any outstanding dues or liabilities associated with the vehicle. This helps buyers assess the financial implications of purchasing the vehicle.

What is RC Status or RC Details?

  • RC Status, also known as the registration certificate, is an official paper given by the RTO when you buy a new vehicle and register it.
  • RC helps identify who owns the vehicle and keeps track of vehicle transactions. Registering your vehicle is a must when you buy one.
  • Always carry your RC while driving. If you're caught driving without it, you could face a fine, depending on the situation.

How to Check RC Details Online?

Here are two ways to check a vehicle's RC status, and they are mentioned below


If you want to find out who owns a car or bike or get details about a vehicle, you can do it online. Just go to the Parivahan website or use other vehicle registration search services. All you need is a smartphone or computer with internet. Here's how you can do it: Just follow these steps to check Vahan information or details of vehicles registered through VAHAN using the vehicle registration search.

  1. Visit the official Parivahan website.
  2. Navigate to the 'Online Service' section.
  3. Select 'Vehicle-Related Services' from the menu.
  4. Choose the state where the registration certificate was issued from the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter your Vehicle's registration number.
  6. Select 'State RTO' from the dropdown menu
  7. Click on 'Know Your Application Status' under the 'Status' option.
  8. Enter the captcha code and your application number, then click 'Submit'. Then Choose the 'View Report' option to see the report.


With VehicleInfo, checking RC details online is now simple. Whether you want to confirm vehicle ownership or want to know vehicle RC Status, you can do it easily. Just visit the Vehicleinfo website and enter the required details. It's quick and easy, and you can check RC details from your smartphone or computer with internet access.

  1. Go to the VehicleInfo.
  2. Click on the 'RC search'
  3. Enter the vehicle number and click on 'Search'.
  4. Access complete vehicle RC details, including insights such as insurance expiry, vehicle specifications, owner details, PUC, and more.

If you want to discover additional features, then get our VehicleInfo App.

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What Information You Receive Inside the RC - Complete RC Overview

Learn how to check the details of your vehicle registration certificate with this complete RC overview. On the Vahan portal, you can access all the data registered as the RTO vehicle information for all vehicles. It provides comprehensive details as per the registering authority. When you check the vehicle RC status online, you will receive the following information

Owner Details

  • Owner’s Name
  • Registration Number
  • Registered RTO
  • Financier Details

Vehicle Details

  • Chassis Number
  • Engine Number
  • Vehicle Class
  • Fuel Type
  • Vehicle Maker/ Model

Important Dates

  • Registration Date
  • Fitness Date
  • Insurance Expiry Date
  • PUCC Expiry Date

Insurance Details

  • Insurance Policy Number
  • Insurance Valid Date
  • Insurance Company

Frequently Asked Questions

RC stands for Registration Certificate. It is an official document issued by the government that proves the registration of a particular vehicle and contains details.

You can easily access your vehicle's RC details online by visiting the VehicleInfo website. Simply enter your vehicle's registration number into the provided search bar, and you'll be able to view information.

Access your vehicle's RC details online easily by entering its registration number on the VehicleInfo website.

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